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About Renaissance

Renaissance is a private independent organization, carrying experience of over 10 years in technical consulting, trainings, inspections and certifications. Rightly this reputation has enabled us to assist more than 300 companies in Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.

Operational Premises:

RI&CA has its head office in Karachi Pakistan while branch offices are in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Turkey.


Our team of Auditors, trainers and experts are highly qualified, competent, professionals in Food Safety, Quality, Halaal, Environmental, Health & Safety and Aerospace management systems etc. Our Halaal Certification Team consists of Shariah Scholars, Food Technologists, Veterinarian, Meat Experts with specific in-depth knowledge on Halaal Certification Methodology. The Shariah board is working under the channel of renowned Scholars (Muftis).

Our Services:

Renaissance provides services for surveys, evaluations, assessments/audits and trainings within the following scope of areas:

  • Food & Agriculture
  • Textile
  • Chemicals
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Construction
  • Heavy & Light Engineering Works